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MacBook Air review - Engadget
Not on my list. But is a very nice looking machine.
"It fits in a manila folder, you can slide it under a door, and if you threw it hard enough you could probably chop someone in half with the thing. It's the thinnest, and if we may say so, sexiest laptop around today: the MacBook Air. But looks aren't everything to everyone, and despite all the rhetoric about being a no-compromises ultraportable, Apple did leave plenty on the cutting-room floor in its quest to make an absurdly thin ultraportable that doesn't skimp on a full size keyboard or roomier 13-inch display. But, as many potential buyers have been asking themselves since last week, is the Air right to be your next machine? Read on, we'll tell you what we think."
MacBook Air review - Engadget

( Permalink: MacBook Air review - Engadget      Submitted by Noel Thu Jan 31, 2008 )

MacBook Air hands-on
Video of the new Mac laptop.
"After the keynote we naturally raced to the gigantic Apple booth to get our grubby hands on the MacBook Air. Watch Scott compare it to his now-beastly MacBook Pro. Also watch the nifty new multi-touch trackpad action. "
MacBook Air hands-on - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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Time Machine HD Swap: Secret of the Time Machine
"I said "void the warranty" and I meant it. The process I went through today means it'll be harder for me to complain to Apple if things get weird, so be cautious! Given the experience I've had, I think HDDs will soon be given easy-access panels, like RAM has, because swapping a 2.5" SATA turns out to be straightforward, and the software, at least as far as Apple goes, is ready for novices"
Time Machine HDD Swap: The Secret of the Time Machine-Assisted Hard Drive Swap

( Permalink: Time Machine HD Swap: Secret of the Time Machine      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 14, 2007 )

Exploring Leopard with DTrace
Dtrace is very cool, glad it is coming to Mac OS X.
"A few years back, Sun Microsystems developed DTrace: a new and innovative way to trace running software on live systems. DTrace enables developers and administrators to "see" what their code, and others' code, is doing in a flexible and dynamic way. With the release of Leopard, Apple has brought DTrace to Mac OS X."
Exploring Leopard with DTrace

( Permalink: Exploring Leopard with DTrace      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 13, 2007 )

Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like A Mac
Do you want to give your desktop a dash of Mac OS X? The goal of this project is to bring the look and feel of Mac OS X (latest being 10.5, Leopard) to *nix GTK based systems. This document will present the procedure to install Mac4Lin pack & tweak certain things to get that almost perfect Mac OS X like desktop.

( Permalink: Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like A Mac      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Oct 31, 2007 )

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review
They always do a good review.
"That was exactly two and a half years ago, to the day. It seems that I've gotten my wish and then some. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has gestated longer than any release of Mac OS X (other than 10.0, that is). If I had high expectations for 10.5 back in 2005, they've only grown as the months and years have passed. Apple's tantalizingly explicit withholding of information about Leopard just fanned the flames. My state of mind leading up to the release of Leopard probably matches that of a lot of Mac enthusiasts: this better be good."
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review: Page 1

( Permalink: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 30, 2007 )

Introduction to Porting UNIX/Linux Applications to
The UNIX Porting Guide is a first stop for UNIX developers coming to Mac OS X. This document helps guide developers in bringing applications written for UNIX-based operating systems to Mac OS X. It provides the background needed to understand the operating system. It touches on some of the design decisions, and it provides a listing and discussion of some of the main areas that you should be concerned with in bringing UNIX applications to Mac OS X. It also points out some of the advanced features of Mac OS X not available in traditional UNIX applications that you can add to your ported applications.

( Permalink: Introduction to Porting UNIX/Linux Applications to      Submitted by zaher el siddik Mon Oct 15, 2007 )

How the iPhone can be a web storefront game change
What is significant about the iPhone is not necessarily the phone itself, but rather the shift in the way web business will be done now that mobile phones with robust browsers have arrived on the scene. This article discusses the ramifications of purchasing goods and services with your phone and provides the starting point to deploy an Apple iPhone-enabled web storefront.

( Permalink: How the iPhone can be a web storefront game change      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Sep 25, 2007 )

Better OS X Java with Eclipse
Mac OS X is a powerful platform for Java development. While the Java development environment is fully integrated into Mac OS X, the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) brings a fully integrated Java development environment to Mac OS X that provides a consistent cross-platform experience. This article shows you how to use this environment to import existing Xcode projects into Eclipse, tweak key bindings, and integrate Eclipse with the Mac OS X-bundled Concurrent Versions System (CVS).

( Permalink: Better OS X Java with Eclipse      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jul 30, 2007 )

OpenMoko Neo1973 - a Linux based phone
OpenMoko is a GNU/Linux based open software development platform. What this means for the lay person is that using OpenMoko software development kit, phone manufacturers will be able to bring out mobile phones which have more or less the same features of the now widely known iPhone from Apple and much more - all this under an Open license powered by GNU. This also means that for the first time there is potential for you to be completely free from being tied up with one mobile carrier or even a single phone manufacturer (read Apple) for want of anything better.
Read the Full story

( Permalink: OpenMoko Neo1973 - a Linux based phone      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jul 16, 2007 )

RAM for Macs
Upgrade your Mac.
"RAM upgrades are the best way to get a performance boost from your computer. Mac OS X loves to hog up all the RAM you've got, so the more you have, the better! Here are a few often asked questions and their answers regarding RAM and Macs."
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About RAM for Macs - MacTalk Forums

( Permalink: RAM for Macs      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 27, 2007 )

Create Password Protected PDF Files On Your Mac
This article describes in details how to create password protected PDF files on Mac OS X by using a freely available command line utility, as well as an Automator Workflow.

( Permalink: Create Password Protected PDF Files On Your Mac      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jun 22, 2007 )

sshfs: Securely Mounting Remote Filesystems
It is possible to mount your remote filesystem as a local filesystem on your Red hat/CentOS Linux system using sshfs.

FUSE is a Linux kernel module also available for FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and Mac OS X that allows non-privileged users to create their own file systems without the need to write any kernel code.
SSHFS command utilizes FUSE to mount a file system using ssh.

This tutorial will describe installing FUSE, and using sshfs to mount your remote filesystem as a local mount point on your Linux system.

( Permalink: sshfs: Securely Mounting Remote Filesystems      Submitted by nixcraft Thu May 10, 2007 )

Howto open, extract and browse ISO CD/DVD formats
AcetoneISO is the disk image emulator that mounts images of DVD and CD media. Both Mac OS X and Linux / other UNIX like oses can mount and use ISO images using loopback device. It is a DAEMON Tools (Microsoft Windows disk image) clone / emulator program with a lot more features.

Using this cool open source software means a user does not have to swap discs to run different programs on local or network computer. You can access software distributed (over Internet) as a disk image such as ISO, DAA, BIN or many other formats (no need to burn a CD/DVD to use disk image).

( Permalink: Howto open, extract and browse ISO CD/DVD formats      Submitted by nixcraft Thu Apr 19, 2007 )

Innovative Sunrise Browser aids Mac Web developers
By: Nathan Willis Sunrise Browser is an open source Web browser for Mac OS X intended for use as a Web developer's tool. It is not a groundbreaking achievement in that regard, but it is worth checking out due to its innovative and often unusual user interface choices. Read more at NewsForge.com.

( Permalink: Innovative Sunrise Browser aids Mac Web developers      Submitted by FreeRhino Tue Apr 10, 2007 )

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